Sixty years after the first humans left Earth, there is a revolution underway in space, led by billionaires and nations with their eyes set on opening the frontier. At the same time, a shift away from military-style, cost-plus contracting for science and exploration, to a new pro-competition partnership model is driving innovation and market expansion at a rate never before seen. This renaissance of technology, business models, and ideas has led to the founding of over 1,000 new space enterprises in the last five years. Over the next ten years, at least 10,000 more are predicted be formed.

This significant uptick in commercial activity will exponentially increase opportunities for breakthroughs, leading to new products, services and IP. The space industry is literally about to skyrocket. And that means profits for those wise enough to climb aboard now. Built on a solid infrastructure, with technology-driven growth on industrial scales, this “NewSpace” industry needs investment to capitalize on a growing number of business opportunities. To take advantage of this investment opportunity, RFG has joined with SpaceFund ( to provide a diversified, intelligent, and informed way for accredited investors to participate in this new movement and profit from NewSpace.